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Larry Becque

Charge Cost Calculations

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I would like to know more about how ABRP is calculating charge costs after it computes a route so that I can make suggestions for improvements.  I just planned a route from Danbury (near the CT/NY border) to Cape Cod, MA.  The default route headed NE through MA to take all Interstates with two charges along the way and ABRP estimated the charge cost as over $15.  Then I used a waypoint to force ABRP to plan a due E route through CT that was 10 miles shorter (223 miles total) but still included two super chargers that were nearly identical in length to the former case.  ABRP estimated charge cost at $11. 

These estimates cannot be correct.  From the results you would think that the MA super chargers were far less cost than the ones in CT.  The opposite it true.  CT is .36 / Kwh and MA is .29 / Kwh as confirmed by the Tesla app in my car.  Further the 10 mile longer route only represents about 2 Kwh of electricity, far less than the $4 difference. 

The first case does include toll roads.  Is ABRP including toll road costs?  For the life of me I can't explain the difference.  How can I see the calculations ABRP is using?

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I just found the answer to my own question.  If within the mobile App you expand the charge time by clicking on the arrow you get the cost of each charge, kWh and default price per kWh for charging.  Doesn't seem to be any way to change the default price. 

As stated elsewhere in this forum, the default prices for USA Tesla chargers are way off (old).  i.e. New London CT default is .18 when it is currently .38


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