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My Drives not showing recent trips


I have been using OBDII - Vgate vLinker MC+ - to successfully to get live data for my trips and this has always worked fine, showing my cars SOC accurately throughout the journey.

However, apart from on the first day I set this up , there have been no journeys saved in the 'My Drives' screen.

I do have the 'Save my activity' option selected.

Is there a way to get these trips to be recorded?

My details:

ABRP Android App v4.2.0
Android Auto v7.4.620964-release
Pixel 6 - Android v12
Kia Soul EV e-Soul 64 kWh
OBDII - Vgate vLinker MC+

All / any help appreciated.

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12 hours ago, clayton4115 said:

Can the staff of ABRP please investigate this instead off fobbing us off to get a new OB2 dongle.



Has been reported here; https://abrp.upvoty.com/b/report-a-bug/my-drives-making-no-sense
(Assuming it is the report of @Rickj2903)

For any other issues you'd like to have reviewed by staff, please submit a bug report on Upvoty. We no longer provide support here on the community forum.


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