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Ioniq 5 car connection status failure

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Hi there,

New to ODB and I'm having trouble getting a full connection. I keep getting two of the three connections, but the last one fails. I've attached an image of what I see. I've got the OBDlink cx, latest ABRP build, Ioniq 5. 

Any suggestions? Thanks so much!



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I'm getting the same problem as the original poster - I have 2022 Ioniq 5 SEL RWD, OBDLink CX, latest version of ABRP, iPhone 13 with latest iOs.  Have tried restarting car, rebooting phone, unplugging and plugging dongle back in.  No luck.

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31 minutes ago, Alex_LaChaineEV said:

I have the same failure with:

- Ioniq 5 AWD 72kWh 2022 and Ioniq 28kWh 2016
- OBDLink CX version 5.6.22
- ABRP version 4.2.10
- OnePlus 7T

Can you help me?

It works for me

- Launch OBDLink app
- Connect OBDLink CX with 'Connection Wizard'
- Pair it with the phone
- Update Firmware if available
- Disconnect it from OBDLink app
- Close OBDLink app
- Launch ABRP and pair it

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