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Calculation error with ferry routes

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Description: When a route includes a ferry connection, ABRP uses the distance of the ferry route as part of the range calculation.  This can result in routes not being found for short range vehicles.
Replication Steps:
  1. See the link as shown above.  Note it includes an 8 km land route, a 436 km ferry route then another 8 km land route.  Vehicle used is a Tesla Model S 2012-2018 85D.  The route plans correctly.
  2. Change the vehicle from an 85D to a 75D.  The route does not plan correctly - no routes found. 
This route should be able to be calculated even with (e.g.) a Nissan Leaf 24kWh.
Note that vehicle SOC calculations are correct.  The distance is "cancelled out" with the next step (distance is shown as "-428 km") so the total trip distance is correct.
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Update - I notice that the distance is displayed correctly now - 8 km, 436 km, 8 km (rather than 8 km, 436 km, -428 km).  I'm not sure if something was updated, or if I did something different on my end.  Everything else is the same though!

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More information that may be helpful - see this route: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=83140118-fd1f-4a4f-924d-1820eb020e28

(Launceston, Tas, to Richmond, Vic) - basically the same as before but with another ~100 km of driving first.

Note that the routing engine is happy for the route to be completed with an 85D boarding the ferry with 65% (despite this giving it less remaining range than a 75D at 100%, which fails - in both this example and the previous example).

I'm not sure what this means but it might help to work out what the issue is!


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Any updates on this issue from the ABRP team?  It seems to be a general issue that applies to any ferry route.

I just tested it again, from Melbourne to Devonport, in case anything had changed.  Same issue.  A Model 3 MR can do this with 90% remaining.  An SR+ can do it, with 83% remaining.   But change it to an SR and it fails.





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