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What dongle to buy and can we connect two phones?

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What odb adapter works well for two android phones, and is secure to leave in the car? And is it possible to easily connect two phones to it, as me and my wife obviously have different phones?

Dont want to fiddle around with pairing every time.

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At the beginning I used the BLE dongle vLinker MC+, the idle current is somewhat <3mA - so you can leave it connected
in the car without any danger for the 12V battery. In addition this ODB dongle needs to be paired to your phone before
use, an important security issue.

However with my Xiaomi Phone I was faced with connection problems, so I gave a try for the OBDLink CX. Compared to
other dongles it is an expensive device, yes. But this device works flawlessly - no problems at all in my car, the software
can be updated on the Android or IOS phone. Idle current <3mA....and it needs to be paired as well before use. So it seems
to be safe.

Well - this is my personal view of OBD issues.

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I can reiterate that the OBDLink CX dongle is great.  I use it with my 28kWh IONIQ and have no issues at all.  Works flawlessly.  I've left it plugged in since the day I got it and have never had a problem.

I have never tried to connect it to two different phones though.  I only have one phone.

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