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Tesla Supercharger pricing in North America

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The pricing for charging at a Tesla Supercharger is set individually per charger by Tesla and is not - as far as we are aware - published anywhere online. At ABRP, we have to maintain prices manually, which we have not done too well so far.

However, with the new Charge Cards feature we are much better up to speed with charger prices, at least in Europe. However, the Supercharger prices for North America definitely need a refresh. Anyone with a Tesla without free supercharging can see the prices for individual Superchargers in the car infotainment. If you have a North American Tesla, we need your help to correct the prices, at least to a reasonably correct level. We just did an update of the Canadian prices, so we mostly need a price per US state.

Can you help us out? Just post pricing information in this thread.

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On 4/9/2022 at 8:12 PM, Larry Becque said:

CT is .36 / Kwh and MA is .29 / Kwh as confirmed by the Tesla app in my car. 

Please view and reply to my topic "Charge Cost Calculations"

As of today, most all the Tesla superchargers in CT are .39 / Kwh (New London is .38).  Most all in MA are .35 with some .34.

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Washington $0.45 at most stations with a few at $0.41 or $0.35. Use $0.45 then users will be pleasantly surprised if it's lower. 🙂

Round trip from Spokane to Seattle average Supercharger cost was $0.42.

Baker City, OR $0.35


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TezLab has figured out a way to pull the cost of the last charge. If you figure this out you could collect that data and where validated prices are missing use the collected data to estimate the cost. 

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This is a user’s invoice available using the Tesla API. Note: It way have to be the primary account that gives you this data. 
 "uom": "kwh" unit of measure
Usage base is kWh
usage Tier is I believe minutes
Tier Rate is cost per minute 
Rate Base is cost per kWh not using tiers 
Total Base is usage x rate

Just ask users for permission to use this data to populate  the database. 

chargingz": {
        "historyV2": {
          "data": [{
            "countryCode": "US",
            "programType": "PTSCH",
            "billingType": "IMMEDIATE",
            "vin": "{VIN}",
            "credit": null,
            "invoices": null,
            "chargeSessionId": "1234565-0-12345566",
            "siteLocationName": "LOCATION",
            "chargeStartDateTime": "2022-05-21T21:06:18-04:00",
            "chargeStopDateTime": "2022-05-21T21:46:20-04:00",
            "unlatchDateTime": "2022-05-21T21:46:21-04:00",
            "fees": [{
              "sessionFeeId": 1234566,
              "feeType": "CHARGING",
              "payorUid": null,
              "amountDue": null,
              "currencyCode": "USD",
              "pricingType": "PAYMENT",
              "usageBase": 61,
              "usageTier1": 10,
              "usageTier2": 12,
              "usageTier3": 17,
              "usageTier4": 0,
              "rateBase": 0.17,
              "rateTier1": 0,
              "rateTier2": 0,
              "rateTier3": null,
              "rateTier4": null,
              "totalTier1": 0,
              "totalTier2": 0,
              "totalTier3": 0,
              "totalTier4": 0,
              "uom": "kwh",
              "isPaid": true,
              "uid": 1234567,
              "totalBase": 10.37,
              "totalDue": 10.37,
              "netDue": 10.37,
              "status": "PAID"
            "vehicleMakeType": "TESLA",
            "sessionId": 1234567,
            "surveyCompleted": null,
            "surveyType": null,
            "postId": "0",
            "cabinetId": "vehicleMakeType",
            "din": ""
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Hello from southern Cal - 

I just discovered this thread.  As you probably know, Tesla US SC costs in ABRP don't reflect current US pricing.  I recently contacted ABRP by email about that.  Here  is what I have learned so far:

One of the reasons for the dated costs is Tesla doesn't allow his EUR team to see costs over here. Since I have a Tesla, I offered to provide price data.   Bo requested a per state price as ABRP can't currently break down costs granularly by individual charger or city peak rates.  I entered the price data manually while sitting in my Tesla and choosing representative chargers from each state.   I built a spreadsheet with those kWh or per minute costs broken down by US states as of June 30.  Bo will do his best to incorporate those costs when he can.  I offered to update the costs periodically going forward.  HTH 



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