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Strange sudden suggestions during longer journeys


Newbie alert! 😊


Hi all,


Just got my electrical car about a month ago, and knew already that I wanted to make use of ABRP.

Having completed my first long journey, it proved to be an indispensable companion!


That being said, the app did have a couple of hiccups during the trip, which I’m still a bit puzzled about:


1) During a planned stopover (1 hr.) without charging, the app failed to realize that I wanted to continue on the journey, and constantly instructed me to go back to the waypoint, instead of directing me to the next stop on the route.
I tried to reload the plan from the online stored plans, but it got even more confused, which in the end led me to simply type in the rest of the charging stops one by one, as we continued.


2) On the return trip, it all of a sudden added an additional charging stop on 3 minutes, in between my current position and the already planned charging stop.

Nothing radical had changed in terms of my driving style or change in weather. I still had plenty of charge left on the battery to make it to the charging station, and charging it for 3 minutes didn’t add any value what so ever. So instead of having 1 stop for 25 minutes, it wanted me to do 1 stop for 3 minutes, and one for 22minutes.

What annoyed me most, is that it made the decision without asking me, and send me on a slight detour, that again didn’t really made any sense.


For both of the above situations, it is difficult to see what’s going on while running it on Android auto.

As I see it, I’m not able to make any changes to the planned route from the menu, or have I missed something?




All feedback is appreciated – Thanks J

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