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Percentage shown in Android Auto off (after some time!). BUT. On phone shown correct!

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I've done a search here on the forum, but did not find anything related to my problem.
If so, please ignore this message, and post the link to the correct thread.

I've got a VeePeak dongle in my ID.4 Pro, and used to use ABRP in combination with EVnotify.
This was working great, but sometimes a pain in the @ss to get it to work together.

Last week I started to use ABPR's new directly connect to the dongle data mode, and was surprised how easy it was to set it up.

The problem:  For some days now I noticed that when the EV battery is around 50% and lower, the SOC shown on ABRP within Android Auto is wrong than what the ID.4 is showing me!
The strange thing is that when I check this in ABRP on the phone itself it is correct!
Even more strange is that sometimes (as in a couple of seconds) it does show the correct value within Android Auto.

Phone used is a Samsung Z3 fold.
The EV is an ID.4 Pro
The dongle a VeePeak
Android Auto is connected wireless to the system.

Anyone else here having this issue, and more important is there a fix?

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