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Route Planner Cannot Include Level 1 or simple J1772 Chargers

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I have been trying to find a way to include simple J1772 or Level 1 chargers in my plan for long routes that are too long to drive without recharging, but do not have a fast DC charger along the way.  Plugshare shows some J1772 or Level 1's that ABRP will not include, even thought the route is too long to reach without using them.   When I add them as waypoints, ABRP the stops appear on the route with a plug symbol and the amount of time needed for charging.  However, the route time does not include those charging times. 

I see how to select chargers under "Chargers and Networks> Fast Networks" or "...>Destination Chargers Display," but no matter what I select, these chargers are not automatically included in my plans.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Is this something in the works? 

I've attached a screenshot of the route, which is between Birmingham, AL and Memphis, TN. 

ABRP Bham to Memphis 1.jpeg

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