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Direct car connection- ABRP, ID4 and iOS

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Hi everyone,

I have a VW ID4 and an OBDLink MX+. I use the ABRP on an iPhone 12Pro and am unable to link the OBD to ABRP - when I try to do it it just sits there looking for the OBD. EVNotify is rubbish in iOS - doesn’t even have the car and Tronity just gave me the program for free as at this time VW refuse to exchange data with them. Anyone know a workaround to be able to connect my vehicle to ABRP so that I can get real time data? Thanks 

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EVNotify itself is trash, but it's kind of a set-it and forget-it kind of thing.  Yes, it doesn't list the ID.4, but setting it to ID.3 works fine.  Once you get it set up (admittedly, very difficult as it's not very intuitive), you pretty much never have to do anything more than start up the app.

I'm on Android, so maybe there is something even more egregious about EVNotify on iOS, but while I didn't care for the UI, I did find that it did its job of transmitting live data to ABRP quite well.

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Had the same problem but with OBDlink CX . Have it working now by deleting the OBDlink app after registration and started the linking process to ABRP with only that app running. Once it’s linked it also worked over iPad 

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