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Edit a saved plan


Created a few saved plans for upcoming trip. Some of them are still in "rough" as I do not yet have like actual hotel or so.

I know how to pull up a saved plan and that I can then make adjustments. But it seems the only way then to save those adjustments is to click on "Save Plan", resulting in a new saved plan.

Is there any way to update an existing plan instead? Now I save the plan, then go to saved plans, delete the previous version and then rename the updated one. Would be nice to be able to have it update the saved plan or to save as a new plan.

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I used to be able to update a saved plan, but I don't seem to be able to do so anymore. Is this completely gone?


(I've resorted to creating a new one, renaming it to match the old one, and then deleting the old one)

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