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Strange charging time calculation


I have a very strange calculation for a route. As you can see below, ABRP plans for a stop to charge from 7 to 84% and plans for almost 1.5 hours of charging time. 

This is odd because according to ABRP the charger can charge with up to 135 kW and should be able to do that in less than 40 minutes (and my car, Enyaq, as well).

Any clue what is wrong here?


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Your settings for battery, speed, vehicle and road properties look plausible:


I don't really know if it has something to do with the charging location at "EH - Roadchef Chester", in any case if I select another vehicle, an excessively long chargingtime is also calculated.

As a test, I have set fixed charging times at this charging location:

10 min loading + 5 min overhead results in 33 min downtime (should be 15 min):


20 min loading + 5 min overhead results in 55 min downtime (should be 25 min):


This is really strange, I have no explanation for that behaviour.

@Samuel-ABRP Can you imagine why the break time is so long?

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