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Problem with connectivity using vLinker MC+

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Received my obd dongle today. 

After a lot of tries I was able to connect and receive data in the app. 

However, when I opened the app in android auto it disconnected. 

I repluged the dongle to start a new connection. 

After A LOT of tries I got a success message. 



Unfortunately, if I press the back button, no data is updated and status is disconnected. 


Anyone with any pointers? 



John Martin 

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I, too, am having problems connecting with my vlinker mc+.  I just got it today and tried to connect; however, I was unsuccessful. I have added my car, hit the OBD connection, and nothing. All that was displayed was "No OBD devices fount yet, scanning..."  No matter how many times I tried, I could not get it to work. Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem, there is any solution? I have just bought a vLinker MC+, I connected it to my Skoda enyaq 60, I have installed ABRP  4.2.7 on my iPhone 12 Pro Max but I can’t connect the dongle to the app. The app is remaining in scanning for odb connection even if I pressed the connection button on the dongle. I tested the dongle with different app and it’s working. Any suggestion to solve the issue?

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I am having the same issue with vLinker MC+ bluetooth OBD2 w/BLE4.0.  This is very frustrating as the app keeps disconnecting.  I want to use this setup for a 5,000 km rtn trip in August 2022 so would like to have it working, otherwise I may look at using another app.

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