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Supercharger Dorno not visible, not used, although in database

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Superchargers Dorno Ovest + Dorno Est are not visible in the data and are not used for calculation. 

However: I could see these once at ABRP today but after I entered my account data they went missing again. See screenshot. 


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This charger disappears if you deselect the Standard Supercharger plug in your European Model 3 profile (CCS only).

This bug happens in the same way for some chargers in Switzerland, but not for most of the other chargers.

I have no idea, where you can edit the details, which chargers are already outfitted with CCS plugs.  


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There is a link on the information page to the Tesla CCS spreadsheet we use as one of our primary sources for which superchargers have been upgraded to CCS:

Contributing a charger to that spreadsheet is the best way to update us that it has CCS already.

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Now I got it. You really have to tick both Tesla boxes. In that spreadsheet the Dorno CCS chargers are correct for a long time now, but again there is just one entry for Dorno, not two (west/east). 

At present only 4 SuC in Central Europe are NOT converted to CCS. 

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