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ABRP Route Points to BMW Navigation System

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We all know that the BMW Navigation System in the BMWi4 calculates the charging points along the route with the assumption that you always charge to a SoC of 100%. But who is doing this? As everybody knows that the time is needed above a SoC of 80% takes the same time as to charge your EV to a SoC from 20% - 80%. Let's hope that the BMW software engineers will come with an update that you can adjust your Loading limit for fast chargers in the BMW iDrive 8 navigation system. This would be really helpful BMW. 

In my last post I told you can integrate Tronity in to your ABRP car profile and have accurate SoC while driving. This will work with ABRP in Apple Car Play. If you still want to use your BMW navigation system. Here is a work around.

1) Plan your route in ABRP

2) Send route to Apple or Google maps

3) Send / Share  Points  in Apple or Google maps to myBMW App

4) In the myBMW app send to BMW EV

5) Charging points will show up in the car new window

Then you have the charging points from ABRP and can add them to your route

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