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iPad Air and iOS 12.5.5


ABRP used to work correctly during a long time. 

But now, it is limited by the software ios12.5.5 and it doesn’t work any more, on the website and on thé app.

If i try to charge an anterior app. as suggested as trying to do this, the app. doesn’t want  to open.

Please help me.

Thanks m


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Hi @Pachamama,

The minimum required iOS version is currently iOS 13.2 due to the release of iOS 15 and the introduction of Xcode 13 during 2021. I'd like to clarify that this is not a decision we've made but rather simply a consequence of the shift to Xcode 13 and therein requirements set by Apple.

There's unfortunately nothing we can do to support iOS versions lower than 13.2 at this point.


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