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Selecting an alternate supercharger stop instead of the one suggested


Hi, in ABRP after you set your start and destination addresses and hit route, the mobile or web view would generate a route including supercharger stops. Previously, if you didn't like a suggested charging location (maybe due to availability, business, broken chargers, bad area, etc), you could click click on left or right arrows and it would dynamically select other stops on the route and would change the estimation and charge levels and times on the fly. This was super convenient because sometimes I'd rather stop earlier or drive to another exit to reach a preferred charger. This was removed so the only way to get the chargers I want is to manually add a waypoint stop. This is fine but it's not a very optimal experience. For one, I am not intimately aware of every Supercharger. I appreciate letting ABRP suggest optimal stop locations and then I can scroll left and right to find the best one (with all in close proximity). If I just keep insisting on my favorite chargers, this may lead to stopping too early or too late.

Are there any plans on returning this feature? I am not sure why it was removed since the work was already done and it worked so well. This new solution is really cumbersome. Thanks.

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