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How are charging times and range adjusted to weather and my individual usage?


I would like to understand better how ABRP predicts the range of each vehicle and charging times at charging stations.

If my car is not connected via OBD2, does it use manufacturer specs for chargers and vehicles? Or does it use statistical averages drawn from connected vehicles to estimate performance? Are these adjusted by the weather? (eg if you know the weather is -5 do you adjust charging speeds and range downward?)

If my car is connected via OBD2 do you add my performance data to others (as suggested above)? Do you adjust range to reflect my personal performance given the weather?

I have found that in winter my charging times are very different to what ABRP predicts and it appears it is not possible to manually adjust them, which makes planning using the app alone impossible...

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Old post but... I can't answer the original question regarding what ABRP does with weather data in the absence of OBD2, but it seems to be not a lot, at least in the case of my Nissan Leaf, which experiences 30% range reduction in 15-degree weather.

But, I can share a technique that works. Go into "Vehicle" and set "Battery Degradation" to 30%. Then set a calendar reminder to set it back to your true battery health when winter is over, or whatever seems convenient.

When I do this, I'm able to specify "90% at chargepoints, 50% at destination" and still get a trip that makes sense with the vehicle's effective range in very cold weather. So this is satisfactory for me. If I forget to remove it, the worst that happens is my trip is planned to be extra-safe.

Naturally I would love it if ABRP understood the interaction between very cold temperatures and various makes and model years without this hack.

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