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Bill N

List of chargers you have told not to use

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Description:  I think it would be very useful if there could be a screen or pop-up that allows users to see a list of all the chargers that they have previously told ABRP not to use. From the list, the user would be able to tell ABRP to allow use of individual chargers once again, OR allow all chargers from the same network, OR allow all chargers.

Use Case: I would use this feature to easily see which chargers I have previously told ABRP not to use, and to tell ABRP to allow chargers again without having to search around the map to find the chargers that I have told ABRP not to use.

I use the 'do not use this charger' feature with almost every plan, because, in the UK at least, they are many chargers which are very unreliable, often busy or not accessible to some cars depending on the position of the charging flap on the car. But it would be good to be able to quickly see which chargers have been restricted.



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