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Integration of Tronity for BMW i4 and BMX iX

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Hey everybody, I have talked to Tronity about an Integration of BMW i4 and BMW iX. Here is some great news I wanted to share with you. 

Tronity implemented today the i4 and iX in their portfolio. After doing this, they informed ABRP and ABRP immediately integrated the Tronity profile. 

Now you can add Tronity in your car profile. Thanks to both of them. I had no chance to test it, because my BMW i4 is only arriving in the first week in April. 

Can not wait to test it. For all BMW i4 driver check it out ... let me know if it works. 

If you have not a Tronity account ... here you can sign up ... https://app.tronity.io/account/referral

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