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Matt T.

What is 'reference consumption'?

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Set up OBD live data for your car, and drive.  We'll automatically calibrate that for you.  (API Live Data, like Tronity, is slow and inaccurate for driving consumption due to the limitations from the OEMs).

Alternatively take a drive on a flat road on a perfect day, set your cruise control to 110km/h, and reset your trip odometer.  Drive a few miles, then note your consumption/efficiency.  That's your reference consumption.

The reason for this is your consumption varies with speed, faster = more consumption, slower = less.  So we need a reference point to scale the rest of the consumption curve.  Assuming we have modeled your car perfectly, this should be enough as a baseline, and adjusting all the other settings (weather, speed, weight, etc) will predict your trips perfectly.  In the real world, this number will probably vary somewhat with conditions (where Live Data really helps, it adapts to the conditions).

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