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Frustrated new user. How do I... ???


New ABRP User. Wife and I are planning a round trip with our VW ID4. Trying to use ABRP on iPhone/iPad/web and just keep banging our heads. Feels like this should be much easier. 

Trying to plan a route Like this: 
Start > Overnight Stop 1 > Overnight Stop 2 > Destination 

Have specified Electrify America as the default charging station and even though there are plenty along the route ABRP still keeps trying to send us to a slower EV GO charger. 

How do we get ABRP to recognize our overnight stops? It sees them as waypoints but if we try to use the "Hotel" feature it tries to send us to hotels miles away instead of recognizing the hotel at the address specified in the waypoint. One hotel is on the same ground as the EA charger and once we select the "Hotel" feature ABRP tries to send us to a DIFFERENT EA station and a different hotel. 

Everyone on the ID4 forums says ABRP is so amazing but so far I'm just feeling frustrated. My only previous experience is using Tesla's built in route planning for the Supercharger network and I was expecting this to be as easy to use or better but so far it feels like nothing I do is working. 

I appreciate the wisdom and experience of everyone here who actually knows how to get ABRP to do what you want it to do. Thanks in advance for all helpful advice.

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Ah, you've come across our "Amenities search" feature, which has been hard to come up with a good interface for.  When you "set a stop as a hotel", you're actually asking us to try to find a hotel near a charger that works well for the plan.  If you already have a hotel picked, just ignore this piece of the UI.  Instead, you can do one of two things to account for the charger at the hotel:

  1. Add the charger as a waypoint, and set it to charge to 100% (or whatever limit you want to set)
  2. Add charge settings (150kW, charge to 100%) to the hotel waypoint

Definitely don't overthink it, when I road trip with my ID.4 I typically just plug in my destinations for the day, and let ABRP adjust in real time as I drive.  The amenities search feature is most useful when planning ahead of time, and we definitely need to work on the explanation of the interface, as it's not the most user-friendly right now.

I'll also plug our Live Data OBD BLE implementation, it's really helpful to road trips, having that live feedback helping adjust to the real world.

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I know that a hotel has a Chargepoint DC charger. We aren't going to stay there, but it would be a nice place to stop to eat.
I added Benbow Historic Inn, 445 Lake Benbow Dr, Garberville, CA 95542-3616, United States, as a Waypoint.
ABRP added a charging stop at an Electrify America station seven miles away.
I added Chargepoint as a preferred network (especially since I have $500 in EVgo/Chargepoint to use with my Bolt).
ABRP moved my charging stop to the hotel, but left the hotel as a non-charging stop.
I tried setting the charging at the hotel, as noted above. I cannot comprehend the incantations needed. I set the arrival percentage to less than the prediction for the station on the property. I set the charge rate to 50 kW, I left the duration blank, I set it to 5 hours, I set the departure percentage to the same as the station on the property. It just doesn't seem to stick. I hit the check mark, and recalculate, and it is empty, and the charging stop at the same address is still in my route.

I don't see a way to delete the hotel as a waypoint. If I could, the route before I added that waypoint goes in a different direction.

Maybe my question is really different from this thread. The thread seems to be about a hotel that isn't recognized as a charging location.

How do I add a known charging location to my route?
The hotel is "300 ft" away from the charging location. 

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