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Providing new data feeds to ABRP


Here in Australia we have been slow on the takeup of EVs, but now there are several networks popping up.  However apart from the Tesla superchargers, none of them appear in ABRP.

I've added a couple of stations near me to OpenChargeMap, but I'd like to contact the networks that operate them, to ask them to make their location information available in a format that is useful to OCM and ABRP.

A couple of questions:

1) What is easier for ABRP?  For the data to be provided to OCM (and then ABRP gets it from there) or to be provided to ABRP directly? 

2) What do I need to tell these organisations?  What formats etc?  (Bearing in mind I'm as much a stranger to these organisations as I am to ABRP - I can't get the data myself or help test.) 

The organisations (all in Australia) are:
- Queensland Electric Super Highway - a government funded and operated network of 18 DC fast chargers (50 kW) in Queensland.
- NRMA Electric Vehicle network - a state motoring organisation which is funding and operating over 40 DC fast chargers (50 kW) in New South Wales (12 built so far)
- Chargefox - a charge network operator which, as well as already operating many AC and 50kW DC chargers, is building a network of 22 ultra-rapid (350 kW) charging sites across the country (3 built so far)
- Evie Networks - a charge network operator which hasn't built anything yet, but are also planning ultra-rapid (350 kW) charging sites across the country



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@chuq The Dan Murphy's charger at Batemans Bay seems to be operational now - there's a successful check-in on Plugshare and it is in the Chargefox app now (so probably should be listed on the Chargefox network rather than None.

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