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API Live Data - Need some Testers

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We're trying out a live data source which uses the Manufacturer's API of your vehicle to retrieve some data, and we want to get a small test to see how well it works across a number of supported brands.  This will not work as well as OBD data.  Manufacturers do not provide much detail, or very fast updates via their APIs.

  • You'll only get:
    • SoC / Range
    • Location (sometimes, and not for all models)
    • Charging status (is/not charging)
    • Odometer (some models)
  • We'll do our best to estimate charging power based on the rate of SoC gain, but there could be inaccuracies due to timing
  • Update rate will be slow (better or worse depending on model)

This is a very limited test (only have room for ~10 users), and we want to get an array of different vehicles, so if you're interested, send me a PM and I'll get you set up.  To see if your car is supported, have a look at this link.  In general, these brands are supported.  There are other brands with partial support, you can take a look at the full list linked.


Note: Because this service costs money per car, when we go for full deployment it will be a premium feature.  You do not need to be premium for the trial version.

Questions you might ask:

Why don't you just implement the OEM APIs yourselves?
There are far too many for our small team to implement, and the data quality we get from them is typically so low that we don't think it's really worth the effort.

Will this work with with ABRP OBD data?
As long as they're on separate 'My Car' entries.  Soon we intend to get it working on the same entry.  Right now, our API poller uses the data source type to determine what external source it should look at.  If you use OBD on the same vehicle it will overwrite that type and no longer poll the API.

If I use other API services for my car, will this work too?
This could cause potential issues, since the limitations often seem to be on the car side of things.  Ask it for data too many times and it throws a fit.

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If you are still enrolling, I would like to enroll my son. He could be a great user project for you. I am an EV owner and find ABRP fine with me adjusting mentally. He is as new owner, new to EV, Hyundai Ioniq 5 / AWD, Northeast US, drives long miles on weekends - and is struggling mightily with charging and route planning. Those of us who "get it" love ABRP to confirm our plan. I find many new EV consumers are struggling with route planning adoption. This will be an important hurdle to overcome for shift to early majority. Thanks - wcp61@hotmail.com

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The error persist! is impossible added smartcar to my account, the email and password of Kia Connect is correct, but is impossible

I have reported the bug and not have response...

I am quite disappointed with the null response from ABRP on this, does technical support exist? Tomorrow I am going on a trip and I wanted to use it with smart car and evnotify, but after several days waiting for an answer I will leave without being able to use it

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Yesterday it occurred to me to try again to configure the smartcar in my ABRP account and it worked! When I put the credentials, it accessed me and asked me for permission for a series of data (SoC, odometer and other data) and asked me for the application PIN
right now it is working and this morning I saw how the eniro was loading, almost in real time
One thing that has surprised me, and for good, is that now the battery estimate at destination is VERY accurate, I thought it would arrive with 29% and I have arrived well, before with evnotify giving data to ABRP I had errors of 3 at 20% error, ABRP was very pessimistic
We will see this week since I have 1200 km of travel and I am going to depend a lot on the estimates since I travel with a trailer and the estimated stops are at specific points that I need to stop for the trailer issue

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Kia connect has stopped working for me due to an excessive number of requests, this is a serious problem since now I can't control the charge at a charging point and I'll have to go check it manually, and it's raining!
this is going to be a problem since Kia/hyundai limits the number of daily requests, how to solve it?



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