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Klaus R.

Initial Vehicle Temperature

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Reviving this thread, as the linked thread does not answer my question.

Where does this value come from, when set to set to automatic/live data? 

The current intial temperature does not correlate with the last ambient temperature reported from the car through the API, it does correlate with the current temperature as reported by a web weather service, though - is this coincidence or is this where the data comes from? 

The initial temperature does not change when I mannualy change the departe date to e.g. August, where I would expect the intial temperature to be more like 25°





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Aha, this actually spotlights a bug in our system - we were reading outside temperature from the wrong property when initializing the initial vehicle temperature. So, if the telemetry reports ext_temp, we will be using that as the point vehicle temperature moves towards when not active. If it does not report anything we use the value from the current weather at the location.

A fix has been deployed on our servers now.


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