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What do the two numbers in the upper right corner of the CarPlay display mean on a LEAF connected to car via LeafSpy?

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Did my first test outing in my '21 S+.  After one unsuccessful leg, got LeafSpy talking to the server that ABRP uses for live data.  Before that, the top of those two icons (which looks like the signal strength indicator on pretty much everything any more) was red, had a slash through it, and the percentage seemed to be just counting down from my default start SOC.  The other, which looks like a POI icon, seemed to be a guess at what my destination SOC would be.  This trip was an out and back, which seemed to have its own travails, app-wise.  But when I got to the far end, I created a new route that just went back to my starting point.

On that "leg", the "signal strength" percent seemed to map somewhat to what the LEAF was showing for SOC...plus or minus a few percent.  The "POI" percent stayed fairly steady, waffling up/down a percent at times.  When I got home, all three numbers (LEAF SOC, "signal strength" %, and "POI" %) agreed...55%.

I'm guessing the signal strength icon is getting used because there's a paucity of icons available in CarPlay for nav apps.  What's not easy to divine is what these percentage numbers really mean: 

1) Are they real LeafSpy SOC values, or are they those values normalized to Nissan's SOC scale (where there are hidden kWh outside the scale at both top and bottom)?

2) Regarding what I am guessing is the predicted destination SOC, what does "destination" mean on a multi-waypoint trip?  Is it the expected SOC when arriving at the next waypoint?  Next planned charging station?  Final destination for this trip?

I suspect I could figure most of this out after a half-dozen planned road trips.  It'd be nice to know ahead of time, for the more challenging distance examples.


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