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Planing a Route, using Only 43 kW AC charger?

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I have a 2018 Renault Zoe Q90, which is able to charge 43 kW AC. I am driving many times long distance, round about 50.000 km per year.

When planing a route on the website, it always using the German Autobahn, then exiting the Autobahn charging somewhere at 22 kW AC, then again on the Autobahn and continue...

Is there a possibility to use ABRP with the settings, to use only 43 kW AC charging stations and NOT 22 kW or even slower? Usually Tripple-Charger along the Autobahn are 43 kW AC charger, but ABRP is not using them.

Is there a solution, to set somewhere the minimum charging power?


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Hey Alex,

I have the same problem with ABRP and my Renault Zoe. 
There is just not a consistent way to make ABRP choose the right fast chargers for our car. It really is a shame.
Even selecting the known chargers along the route as favourite doesn't work.

In the mean time I have a few solutions/ideas: the website https://www.goingelectric.de/stromtankstellen/routenplaner/ is rather good.
You can use Safari's native translate option or use google translate. You can select your Zoe in the options and set state of charge for leaving and arriving and reserve.
And the app actually routes you to the right chargers along the route. You can also select specific operators that you prefer or even enter your chargecard provider so they can show you the cost for charging. Granted it's not a live app that follows you along the route. For our Zoe's it really works well to plan a trip.

Option number two: https://go.chargetrip.com
Great site for planning, we can select the right car, even edit the estimated real world range to something more realistic, and plan the route. You can then send the route to Google Maps on your phone for navigation. I really like this site. It's fast and clean. Again: you can select operators or chargecard providers if you want.

Another option: PUMP. It's an app that does route planning and uses the Renault online account credentials to get Zoe's state of charge during the drive. The app is pretty good so far at selecting the right chargers, although it has the wrong information on fast chargers near McDonalds. (I am in contact with the support team and they are updating the database). Subscribing to the pro version you can select favourite charge operators along the route.

In the meantime, DO contact ABRP support about your issues, and let's hope they plan to help us with this issue.

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