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Web page font colors

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The font colors used on web sites have morphed into gray on gray over the last few years.  I suppose this is a "trendy" think that makes the pages look modern or something.  But it also makes them hard to read.  While this seems to not impact a younger audience, it does make text harder to read if you have any vision problems at all, as most of us do as we get older.  

I would ask that the backgrounds not be so dark grey and closer to a light gray or even white and that the text not be so light and more of a dark grey or black.  It is bad enough that many web pages use an unnaturally small font that is hard to read for anyone over 35, but adding stress from indistinct colors is adding insult to injury.  

Heck, there's a button on this page that seems to have reached that state of perfect obscurity where the text and background are the same color rendering the text invisible.  When I hover the mouse cursor over it, I can tell there is text, but I can not make out what it says.  

Is it really so important to be trendy as to make the pages harder to read? 

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