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Initial vehicle temperature

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Anyone know what this is exactly?  I am thinking it could be battery temperature since that's the only thing important to route planning, but others are telling me it's the cabin temp since it takes energy for the initial warming.  

When I try to correlate this value to the temperatures I see in the Tesla app, it is a very loose correlation.  Often the values are two or three degrees off and moving in opposite directions.  

Anyone know for sure? 

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On 2/4/2022 at 4:48 PM, Samuel-ABRP said:

It's a mix of whatever needs to be heated initially when the car starts driving. Could be battery on ID vehicles in winter for example or cabin heat in large cars that have a big impact on short drives. 


Sorry, I am not understanding what you are saying.  How can a number be meaningful if it is an unspecified combination of battery temperature and cabin temperature?  I know the cabin temperature is accessible, but is ABRP reading the battery temperature?  

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I was not aware that the battery was heated at the beginning of a trip. I thought that was only when preconditioning or when driving to a charger.  Is this value used to account for the loss of energy in a cold battery? 

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That's why i said this value represents whatever needed to be heated up initially. Some heat up the battery, some do not. But all car need to heat up the cabin, so initially the car will always use more energy for that. And some need more like ID3 as they also heat up the battery.

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Just to be clear, in a Tesla, in particular a model X, this temperature does not address any heating for the battery since it does none.  Also, I believe ABRP gets no information about the battery temperature, is that correct?  So, other than the cabin temperature, what goes into this setting when set automatically?  

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Gud'afternoon gnuarm,

Saturday, Feb 26th, 2022 at 13:11 (UTC-8)

I also have a Model-X and as I have been using ABRP Classic now for 3 years, it was only asking for the Outside Air temperature.

Right now ABRP Classic has a bug which keeps throwing "Planner Error" at me, so having been forced to try the Pop out menus version, I have just seen for the 1st time what you are talking about.

Where it asks for this I suggest you just put in the Outside Air Temperature.  I have found it a good starting point if my X has been sitting over night.

EV's with under the floor "skate board" batteries will cool or warm fairly quickly to the outside air temperature.

I have found ABRP Classic was spot on accurate in its prediction for the past 3 years if i just entered the out side air temperature to answer this question.

And Yes.. there is no heating for the battery except...

1... regen from braking and heating from use.

2... pre-conditioning it does when you select a Supercharger as your next stop if your battery is very cold.

On a personal note, setting Departure Time in the AC's controls will initiate Pre-Conditioning about 30 minutes before you are due to depart.  At -10'c (14'F) this will eat up about 4% of your SoC, but you will depart with regen braking and fast accelerations, if needed, will not be so hard on the battery.

Food for thought,

Cheers, Hugh-SG

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You can always report issues through the app. In settings scroll down to support & feedback and then report a bug. If this is about OBD connection via BLE then wait for the update 4.2.2, we changed the Bluetooth implementation as it caused some problems and is much more stable with that version.

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