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How to disable voice prompts


I’m using the CarPlay app on my Ioniq 28kwh and a few weeks ago, I was able to disable the voice prompts during an active navigation on my phone by simply hitting the small icon. After the latest update of the app, this icon has disappeared and I can’t seem to find any option to disable the voice prompts. 

The problem is, that the navigation app is enforcing way too many voice prompts whilst driving and any new instruction is stopping my stereo broadcast entirely. After every prompt, I need to press the Radio button in the car again to bring back the audio and then switch to the ABRP app again. It is absolutely not feasible and I’m getting desperate searching for an option to disable voice prompts. 

Maybe there is an option, that I have missed and you can help or bring this to the attention of the developers to bring back the icon with a following update.

Thanks in Advance!

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Hi Samuel,

I went through all navigation settings several times and made sure, everything is unchecked. Still, I am definitely getting the navigation prompts. Very annoying and easy to reproduce. 

It would be great to have an intuitive and quickly accessible icon to enable / disable the audio quickly whilst driving.


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