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Connect car via Tronity vs ODB2


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Question added: what is the difference in car data used between Tronity vs ODB2 connection. How is historical data used? How is live data used?
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OBD provides real time live data of many things that remote APIs normally do not provide and are also delayed. For example from OBD we get battery temperature, voltage, current, soc. Most APIs do not report temperatures and current/voltage in realtime. So with OBD we can create a much better consumption model for your personal driving style based on the data you provide. Remote APIs are mostly only convenient for having the SoC avbailable so you do not need to manually configure it.

But in the end it depends on the API. Which car are you talking about?

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On 2/3/2022 at 6:51 AM, Samuel-ABRP said:

I think both these APIs are not detailed enough to get much more data than SoC.

Ok, good, ODB is the way to go then.

Wrt building up the consumption model for my personal driving style, I think this means I should be driving with ABRP as much as possible, even when it is a shorter trip on which I don't need to charge underway? Or is the consumption model build up every time (for every trip) anew?

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