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changing Departure charge level (“fill up”) at each charging stop en route

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I can the state of charge at origin easily but is there a way in free or premium (haven’t tried premium yet) to change the charge level on Departure from each en route charging stop?

I have an 800mi trip planned with “fewest stops” but it is showing stopping every 2 hrs / 120mi 6 stops - and charging only to 55% to 80% at most stops even though the Tesla has 325 mi range. I know charging slows as battery reaches capacity but would like to charge to 85% when I do stop for option for fewer stops. I clicked on pencil at each charging stop and can edit departure kW or percent but it doesn’t “save”. Departure (from stop) stays at the preset “quick” top up. The only “almost full” charge is initial SoC, and final just before destination as I set to arrive at destination at 90% and that is OK ABRP plans a longer charge just before destination to “fill up”.


In general settings Charger max state of charge is set to 95% and Charger arrival SoC 8% so that should optimize fewer stops / deep charges?!

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EDIT:  Just found a half solution:  Part of problem was Charging Overhead was too low at 22min I thought that was my estimate of how long to find and plug in but the Overhead setting seems to be total charging time per charging stop?!


I changed charging overhead to 55min and it has 4 stops now deeper charges - but still most stops are not to my preferred 85% and most are driving the car to minimum 8% but not nearly full (charge to only 61% at one stop not for 55min). I’d prefer to specify to charge nearly full 85% each stop anyone know of a way to do this in ABRP? Thanks!

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I do not think there is a way to force ABRP to charge to 85% at each charger.

Chose "Fewest Stops" and set Charging Overhead to 99 minutes and it will give you what you want.

I'm sure you realize this, but ABRP is designed to optimize your trip (shortest duration) and what you are doing is "fooling it" to do something else.  If the most important thing to you is charging to 85%, just use the Tesla route planning software and don't unplug till you hit 85%.  Your trip will take longer, and battery degradation will be increased, but you'll have met your 85% goal.

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