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OBD Connection failes at the 3. Step connection to car !

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My ODB Connection fails always im using a iPhone 13 Pro Max with IOS 15.3 latest app version


Adapter is the vgate iCar Pro OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0(BLE) Diagnosegerät Auto Automotive Motor Fehlercode-Lesegerät ELM 327 V 2.2 Für Android/IOS-System, kompatibel mit App Torque,OBD Car Doctor


the first 2 Steps of connection work.. then it fails... 

the Adapter works fine in other Apps

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9 minutes ago, Samuel-ABRP said:

Ok thanks for testing. Please send a mail to samuel@iternio.com then we can do some more testing tomorrow.

I did write a email to him or her… 


with the link to here I would be grateful to get a fix. I’m a bit disappointed right now I was so hyped to get OBD on my Citigo… it’s my only car an I use it for long trips I even did 720km on one day 

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According to this feature request the obdeleven dongle does not work with ABRP:


So from your comment it sounds like it got found, but does not connect to the car. Did you send in a report? If so please tell me the time when you sent it. If you don't remember just send in a new one and let me know the time. Make sure to turn on the ignition before you try to connect.

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Tried the same way, failed unfortunately. Time: 4:05 pm (CET) - 5 minutes ago.
Model is Obdeleven 2.

Thanks for your support.



Screenshot of Dongle attached.
Off Topic: It's called "Verbindung" (connection).


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For supported dongles check our OBD instructions:


There you can also find instructions on how to submit new dongles to us. Maybe we can get your ELM327 dongle working. But only if it is a BLE dongle, we currently do not support classic BT dongles!

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On 1/22/2022 at 11:14 PM, Samuel-ABRP said:

OBD for Up, Mii and Citigo is resolved now and successfully tested.

Did you test this OBD profile with the iCar Vgate Pro dongle AND an Android phone ?

The connection worked well once, on february 9th in the afternoon (GMT+1), did you change something in the OBD profile since ?

the 3 profiles are still the same for eUp/Mii/Citigo ?

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