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M3 SR+ 2021 vs 2022 in ABRP

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I'm looking at buying a M3 and using ABRP to look at predicted range in different conditions, trying to figure out if i should go for LR or the regular is good enough.


However The M3 2021 SR+ LFP seems to have way longer ranger then the M3 2022 60kWh, how is that possible?

One of them must be incorrect? 

I was under the assumption that the 2022 has the biggest battery of 60kWh and the 2021 around 50-55kWh, but how come the range seems to be calculated as longer with the 2021 version?


For example i try ABRP and a route A-B with the same conditions. M3 2022 arrives with 13% battery left and M3 SR+ 2021 with 25%, all the same conditions.

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Think i already solved it. 


2022 seems to have a slightly bigger battery, but 2021 seems to be configured to have heat pump while the 2022 doesn't in the ABRP. In real world both should have heat pumps. 

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