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Can't open ABRP in Android Auto when using referral code



Can't open ABRP app in AA (Android  Auto).

I have a premium account with the referral code from Tesla Bjorn

Use Case: 

I have an account and added the referral code from tesla Bjorn.

I can add now my ODB dongle, so my guess is that I have a 'premium' membership now.

But when I try to open the app in AA I get the message that I have to look on my phone.

When I look on my phone, I see that everything works well (can connect to the ODB dongle).


So am I doing something wrong?

Or is this maybe a bug?





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The possibility to use OBD data is not a premium feature. Actually all different telemetry solutions we offer can be used for free (except service cost of 3rd party data providers like Tronity, but it's free from our side). Please use support & feedback at bottom of settings in the app to get in contact with support to verify that premium is active for your account.

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