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my manual changed reference consumption keeps resetting

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Hi, this is Emil from The Netherlands. With a quite new ID.4 and also a new premium subscription to ABRP I am trying to set up a route calculation.  It seems to me that the reference consumption is one of the most important variables for the route calculation.   For my ID.4  ABRP sets that default to 142 Wh/km however that seems way too optimistic.  In winter I believe it is more like 220  Wh/km (or even more). When I manually set this to 220 the app (or website) seems to accept it and calculate with that.  HOWEVER after restarting ABRP my manual setting is wiped and the default ABRP setting is back again at 142...  How come that my manual setting is not kept?  It cannot be that I always need to change that value right?

Thank you


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I have exactly the same problem with my Peugeot ion, I change references consumption to 181 and max speed to 90km/h and next time I open app it's all changed, what seems weird is that it changes to way to low consumption, and way to high speed. And next time I open if I do not change anything, it changes the values again to even lower consumption and higher max speed. 


Seems to be a bug in the system, never had this problem before. (thought I've had this problem for some weeks to a month I believe 

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If you see any bugs or have problems with ABRP please check the bug reports and if there is none yet with your problem add a bug report. You can get there vcia the app in settings, scroll down to support & feedback and then report a bug.


This one is actually already reported here:

It's currently on our TODO list and should be fixed soon.

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