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Does ABRP add charge destination "on the fly"?

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How does ABRP work if I enter real-time data from the car? Let's say I set a destination that is 2h. According to ABRP (when I log in to the app without having connected it to the car for now) it shows me that I do NOT need to charge on the road, but what happens if I drive 130km / h, will it recalculate in the app that I have to stop? Or how does it work when driving fast?

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My experience is that it does offer to recalculate when the route appears to have become not viable (in my experience, this is more often due to a glitch in where it thinks I am at and the SOC of the charge rather than my driving actually causing the issue--usually ABRP predictions are spot on for me).  

I don't know if it will automatically offer to recalculate in the opposite case--where your driving is such that you can skip a stop if you want.  But in the way that I use it, I am monitoring the arrival SOC pretty closely anyway and if I think I will be arriving at the next stop with a high SOC, I might explore the alternatives to see if I can skip the next stop.

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