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Time estimate is super optimistic – can we trust ABRP?


We're planning a route from Stockholm (Sweden) to Milan. It seems that ABRP's estimate for time driving from Stockholm to Copenhagen is off by 1 hour.


Stockholm - Värnamo: 3:42
Transit: 0:12
Värnamo - Copenhagen: 2:30

Total: 6:24

Google Maps:

Stockholm - Värnamo: 4:22
Värnamo - Copenhagen: 3:04

Total: 7:26


I played around with departure times to compensate for traffic and Google Maps gives ranges.


The lowest end still being higher than ABRP. This makes us wonder whether we can trust ABRP's distance calculations at all. We're planning a long trip and almost 20% give or take makes a huge difference.

Is there a way to add a safety margin to ABRP's calculations?


See below:






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I can't give you an answer but I can agree with your presumption that ABRP cannot be trusted. I have planned an upcoming journey on ABRP Westhoughton to John O'Groats, ABRP suggests the journey can be done in 7h11 driving where Google maps suggests 8h50, that is some disagreement. My gut feeling is the answer is somewhere inbetween, however, 7h11 is hopelessly optimistic

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