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Daily Driving Limit for Multiday Trips

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I operate a long-distance pet transportation company and plan many multiday, cross-country trips. Can ABRP add a feature that allows the user to select what time they would like to end driving for the day? For example, I set the departure time as 7:00 a.m., but can I set the max trip time for each day to 12 hours, or even select a time that I roughly would like to stop driving for the day and the planner will figure it out? The way it is currently set up, the route planner just assumes that I am driving straight across the country, 24/7 without breaking for the night. I have to download the trip summary to excel, and then manually figure out where my end-of-day stops are located. It is quite time consuming and seems like a simple feature to add. Thoughts?

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I posted the same question on the ABRP Upvoty page, and Samuel_ABRP replied with the following answer:

"You can use the Amenity stop feature for that. You can either select hotel, restaurant or shopping and then define a time, like the 12h you mentioned, and ABRP will add such a stop after the specified time."

I did not realize that this was a feature. It sounds like this is exactly what I was looking for! Going to try it right now...

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