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ABRP Report A Bug Page forcing unnecessary password resets

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Hi Bo, Hi Jason,

Coming here because I can not get the Report A Bug to work.

Here is what happened in the past hour.

ABRP Classic Loads on my Win 7 but when I tried to Log In, it it gives me a wrong password and I was using current correct Password.

(yes I did check my "little black book" and I was using the current PW).

IT then locked me out and forced me to reset my Password.

So I did the PW email reset routine and got logged into the forums to make the bug report.

...but it is now in a new place...

Took several attempt to get over the new Bug Report system. 

I typed in my message subject and Description of "ABRP Classic - Route Not Staying Attached To Map" bug that occurrs when zooming in or out...

http://prntscr.com/25dg4ki  (the bug looks like this)

.... and the Report A Bug Page to told me to Log In when I pressed Send button.

I use the Password I had input during the PW reset some 40 minutes ago ..

...and the Report A Bug website promptly told me Wrong Password even though it was the new password from the Reset just done 45 minutes ago.

http://prntscr.com/25dklf0     this is becoming ridiculous ...

So here i am wanting to report a bug and getting no where.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Merry Christmas to all.

Cheers, Hugh

PS:  Here is my Original Bug report of "route line detachment in Class" as partly in the back ground of "Wrong PW" screen cap

Bug:  ABRP Classic - Route Not Staying Attached to Map When Zooming In


Hi Bo, Hi Jason, Been fighting this bug for a few months.  Time to report it.

Zoom in out with Classic and the planned route does not stay attached to map.

http://prntscr.com/25dg4ki Route planned goes into offset when I zoom in and gets worse when i zoom out.

Cure -Work around , Turn off Map, Turn back on Map. Click the top drop down info box twice to get it to close, and now you can zoom in and out and route stays attached to map.

Food for thought,
Cheers, Hugh
Model-X Owner, Vancouver Canada




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