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How do I use different configurations?



I have different configurations in ABRP für my Tesla M3: Standard, one with luggage box, one with trailer and one with bike rack.

But how do I make use of them? My expectation would be that I could set different consumption rates for each configuartion. But I could find out how I could do that.

Greetings, Jodox

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you can select the config by going to settings and select your car:


click on the "wheel"

and you get:


here you can select another config by clicking on configuration:


Then you close this window and continu your route planning.

the car icon shows the selected config:


avg consumption is calculated config-specific and continuously updated.



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But when I select luggage box and let ABRP calculate a long route, there's no difference in charging durations. Thus, I assumed, I had to set the higher energy consumption some where in the luggage box configuration... and couldn't find where.

So you're saying, that works automatically?

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