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Vastly different route charge levels from routes planned minutes apart


I'm trying to figure out how to plan my route back after visiting family with my new Tesla Model 3 LR AWD. I connected the app to MyTesla so it could get my car information on the way to visit family. I'm looking at it now and I can't figure out why it has such vastly different values between two runs of the route planner. One says that I'll barely make it in one leg of the trip and only if I got 20 mph under the speed limit and the other says I'll get there with 27% charge. Am I using the app/website wrong for it to have such drastically different results so soon?

First trip planned this morning at 8:46 AM


Route planned half hour later (though route planned on phone only 10 minutes later produced the same thing which is what made me try to replan the route again on the website after checking to see if all of the data and options were the same (which they were).


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