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availability of chargers premium version

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Maybe because Total Energy station are SO unreliable that taking them into account would be an error. 

More seriously, I understand that ABRP is getting the data from open sourced info... The source need to be corrected. This is not at the ABRP level.

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In Sweden, among the major charging networks, I only see availability from Ionity and inCharge. I don't see availability from Recharge, E.ON, Fortum Charge & Drive, Circle K Charge, Virta and Mer. It would be really good if the availability of them also could be included in ABRP. Other apps can show the availability from all of them (expect Cirlce K Charge, which is rather new as a charging network).

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On 12/23/2021 at 8:47 PM, Samuel-ABRP said:

If you provide us information where other apps get their data from we could look into that as well.

I was thinking about https://chargefinder.com/ but I don't know how they get their data. I assume all charging networks have their endpoints with an API that provides all the information. 

So have you contacted the charging networks? Is there a problem getting access? I would think they should be happy to get more customers through the ABRP app.

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