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New Tesla Owner, Confused ABRP User

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As a new (1 week) EV owner (Tesla Model Y long range) I haven't done much EV route planning.  However I have done enough ICE planning and driving that I know what route I WANT to take from here in CT to my sisters in southern NJ.  I am trying to (a) follow the route I always take, and (b) use ABRP to analyze power usage and figure out my charging locations.  So far I have not been able to take control of the route.  Is that even possible?  My route avoids New York City.  The way I go involves taking the Tappan Zee Bridge (yeah, I know the renamed it) to get across the Hudson River, then the Garden State Parkway to the NJ Turnpike, then almost to the Delaware Memorial Bridge.  The only Supercharger I KNOW I will use is at the Clara Barton service stop near the south end of the NJTP, getting a good charge just before I reach my destination.

I've been trying to do this on my PC, with a real keyboard and big screen, rather than on my phone on an app, or sitting in my car in the garage.

So the question is, can I use ABRP with the route I want?  Thanks for any advice for the newby.

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