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Some basic questions


I'm trying to actually use ABRP for real for the first time and have a tough time getting going.  I have a simple go out to my brother's and back.  Home is the start & end and his house is a waypoint.  But I can't seem to change much of anything.  Most data fields are grayed out.  I can't change the start time or the SOC for instance.  One thing I want is to see if I can make it there and back without stopping for a charge as time coming back will be tight.  But I can't change the starting SOC and as it will be at the winter solstice, I would like to bump up my kWh/mi but can't.  I see settings outside the trip but I'm assuming those are defaults as they could vary widely from trip to trip. 

Assuming I can solve all those, any suggestions on how to pad some miles or energy.  We will be going out to eat for the old boy's 75 birthday.




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First go to settings (ABRP icon) and set the SoC you currently have or want to have when you leave. That will then be used to calculate the trip. You could also click on the cog wheel of the starting point and adjust the SoC there. If that does not not work for you please create a bug report with screenshots over the support&feedback function from app.

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