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Connecting LeafSpy to ABRP


I'm new to ABRP. I see it can connect to LeafSpy and read my charge state. It sounds like this requires some server settings that I need to put into LeafSpy. However, I can't find these anywhere - there is no documentation of this function's details. It's not in these forums. I've emailed ABRP support and not received any response.

Is there anyone who is successfully using this with LeafSpy and can help me, please?

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I was really sad to see that my question didn't get any traction on these forums. After a 12-day delay I received a response from the ABRP team, who explained that the Leafspy connection settings are visible once you add a custom car. It wasn't clear to me a) that I needed to add a custom car, since I could select my Leaf model from the standard dropdown, and b) that this is where the Leafspy settings live - this isn't specifically documented anywhere. So, if you've come to the forum looking for help with this, please add a custom car.

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