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Any luck with sending ABRP route plan with waypoints to Tesla software 2021.40.6?

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On Nov 25, 2021 I installed the 2021.40.6 Tesla software update for my 2021 Model Y that now accommodates navigation waypoints (finally!).  I connected my ABRP account to my Tesla, I created a route plan with one waypoint and shared the route with my Tesla.  My Tesla received a route from my ABRP account, however it only received the route up to the first waypoint, nothing after.  Has anyone had any luck sending an ABRP route plan with one or more waypoints to a Tesla recently (since the latest software upgrade)?  This would tremendously improve the value of ABRP for me, and the lack of this feature is why I'm hesitating on buying ABRP Premium subscription.

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waypoints beyond start and finish aren’t supported yet but I read they are working on it. 
besides that currently I can’t even send a simple route without waypoints to my model y anymore. Not sure what happened. 

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