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David Mattern

Planning for pulling a travel trailer


Description:  I am considering getting an EV to pull a travel trailer and I want to use ABRP to decide if this is practical. As of now I have neither a tow vehicle or trailer. ABRP has a good selection of EVs (I'm focusing on the F-150 Lightning extended range or the Kia EV6). My question is how to account for the trailer. Our leading contenders are the NuCamp TAB@400 or the Airstream Bambi 19CB. I can get weights for each trailer but I don't know how to account for aerodynamic drag. 

Use Case: Mostly covered above. Being able to easily generate a comparison of vehicles and trailers over the same route would be ideal. 

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As each combination of car and trailer is quite unique in consumption it is hard to provide any numbers here. I guess you need to make your own experiences and then add the numbers to your profile (or use live data to automatically collect them). You can add profiles to your car like different tyres, trailer and so on where you can play with different consumptions.

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