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Difficulty getting the the correct trip loaded in ABRP-lite

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On a trip I just returned from, I've found that all in all, the in-car experience of ABRP (Tesla Model 3) continues to improve.  But there is one somewhat major issue I had on this last trip.  I'm not sure if it's a bug, user error, or I just haven't been patient enough.  

If I were to fire up ABRP-lite in my car now, the behavior is that it would just load up the previous planned trip by default.  It seems to me the intended best practice is to plan with the app or website and then use ABRP-lite in the car more as a display unit.  The problem is that it seemed to take several tries to get the most recent plan to load up.  For awhile it kept coming up with the last trip I took.

One particular problem I was having was with setting the arrival SOC at my destination.  Because there was no charger at the hotel, I wanted to arrive at 50% SOC.  I could not find a way to set this in ABRP-lite.  If I manually put in a destination in ABRP-lite, I could not find a way to change the arrival SOC.  Even when I planned on the website or app with 50% SOC, loading the "Latest Plan" on ABRP-lite still had me arrive with my default 5% destination arrival SOC.

Lastly, and this one I do think is actually a bug, but just in case I am missing something obvious:  When I use the Alternatives button to select an alternate stop, after selecting one of the other options, the ABRP-lite route still shows the original option.  Is there something I am missing?

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