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Live Data shows wrong Consumption.

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Hello, everyone!
I would like to ask in this way whether someone also has this problem. 
Technical basics:
Hyundai Kona 2021 64kWh, OBDII dongle with BT.
EVnotify installed on Applepie mini Android 9, even ABRP. When the vehicle is started, EVnotify is started automatically on the ApplePie mini, then ABRP is starting.

Works wonderfully, both are connected, i can see the live data, SoC, as well as traffic data. (see photo)
But in the routing, the consumption value entered manually in the options is displayed to me and the trip is also calculated that way, even though I have activated the live data.
287Wh / km. That´s about 28.7kWh per 100km.

If I deactivate the SoC and overwrite the value to let's say 190Wh / km, then the other live data are also deactivated. When reactivate Live Data, 190Wh/km is now 287 as before.

What can i do? Or, what i´m doing wrong?



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